Cannot see what it is contained in the clusters.

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I am trying to learn the k-means operator. Once the process is executed I see the cluster bubbles in the Graph pane and the clusters folders in the folder view pane. When I click on one of the items to see what was inlcuded inside I, often, get a warning message: "No visualization available for object id". is it normal? maybe it depends on how dataset is composed? thanks for helping.

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    I am not sure how helpful is my response. First of all, it is possible for a cluster created by k-means to be empty. I though RM is automatically deleting such empty clusters but perhaps when you insist on k to be specific you can get those clusters. Of course you cannot visualise them! You may get those empty clusters if you do not have enough data. If you have lots of data, you may still get them when you have bad luck, or rather when the initial position of centroids for the k-means process is unlucky. If you want to avoid such empty clusters pick the option "determine good start values". The second issue is that the bubble chart is not the best visualisation for the flat clustering system, such as k-means. It is better to study the centroid chart and perhaps use a Cluster Model Visualizer to dig deep into the characteristics of your clusters!
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