New Extensions - Digital Signal Processesing and AWS Services

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Today I am happy to announce two new extensions.

Digital Signal Processing

In this extension we will add more functionality in the domain of time series, or better signal processing. It is somewhat an addition to the time series extension which is bundled within the tool.

In v0.1 which was released today to the market place we add 2 new operators.

Filter Frequencies: Adds the option to do low, high and band pass filters. Those operations may be familiar to you if you studied electronics. They are often used to ‘de-noise’ data and remove either low or high frequency patterns, like daily variations from it.

Kernel Filters: Adds the functionality of more complex smothering operations to our toolkit. It adds a Median filter, Savgol filter as well as a Wiener filter to it.


AWS Services

In this extension we will bundle functionality provided by AWS for you. We start with the operator Compare Faces. You can provide two images and the operator calculates a similarity score for you. We will shortly release a tutorial for this.

More functionality from AWS Rekognition will be added in near future.



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