How to use the extension LifeStyle Targeting in my process to build RFM customer segmentation?

tonyboy9tonyboy9 Member Posts: 113 Contributor II
This is part of the write up on the extension: 

including RFM, and builds most financially profitable (with given statistical confidence) forecasting models. Analysis of millions of observations on a regular PC takes minutes to hours. Free version runs on Windows and is limited by 100K observations.

LifeStyle Targeting operator allows direct financial results forecasting compared to control group/average from raw transactions and questionnaire/impact data.

How is this extension incorporated in the process to build the forecasting model?

This is my pre-processed train data set to be retrieved for the process:

This is my best guess process with retrieved data set and LifeStyle extension:

This is the template for a process clustering model. 

I need help understanding how to position the extension to work in this process. Thank you for your time.


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