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kdafoekdafoe Member Posts: 20 Maven
Hi. I'm using the RapidMiner Sentiment Analysis template to start. After step 2, the Cross Validation operator, I thought why not just use the Store operator and pipe the model output to it? Seemed to work. The Store output matches the model output from the Cross Validation. Next, I deleted the operators from step 1 and step 2, used the Retrieve operator to load in the just stored model, and connected that to the Apply model operator.

So now the template looks like this:
But when I run it, I get this error. Can anyone please explain why? Am I missing an understanding of either the Store or the Retrieve operators? I thought it would just be a duplicate of the original model, but it doesn't appear so. Thank you.


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    kdafoekdafoe Member Posts: 20 Maven
    Thanks Martin. Worked like a charm. And sorry, it was starting right at me in the original sentiment analysis template and I somehow missed it.
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