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Double-click on operators with a single dialog should open the dialog

yzanyzan Member Posts: 66 Unicorn
Some operators, like "Read Database", react on double-clicking with mouse by opening a configuration dialog window. In the case of "Read Database", the dialog is "Build SQL Query...".

This is nice as it reduces the amount of cursor movements from the drawing board to the "Parameter" panel and then back to the dialog. But some other operators, like "Set Role", do not react on double-clicking, even though they have exactly one dialog window and there is no ambiguity about which dialog window to open (and it is not a wrapper operator).

I propose to add double-click listeners to following operators (in the order of appearance in "Operator" panel):
  1. Read Salesforce
  2. Rename
  3. De-Pivot
  4. Set Role
  5. Deep Learning
I also propose to add a double-click listener to operators with multiple dialogs like:
  1. Cost-Sensitive Scoring -> Edit Matrix...
The precedent is given in "Aggregate" or "Pivot" operators, where some sane defaults were chosen.


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    jpuentejpuente Employee, Member Posts: 53 RM Product Management
    Hi @yzan. Thanks for the suggestion, it's reasonable. I cannot guarantee we'll do it in the short term, as we tend to not to change those basic operators much, for stability reasons, but for some we plan some performance improvements anyway, so we'll take this into account when that happens. Thanks again for collaborating.
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