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Hi All,
  Hoping I'm missing the simple answer here but I'm trying to transpose an aggregated set of data (Sales Months) to be Attribute Names (trying to make this dynamic as the number of months varies from data set to data set). below is a screenshot of current view.  I attempted to "Rename by Example Set" but ended up with an error. I assume it's from trying to make a date the attribute name when it is set up as a Nominal. Any ideas would be appreciated from the community. 

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    Hi @miked ,
    i am a bit confused about what you want? Likely you want the Sales_Month as column Names?
    If so, try to set it to Role ID and then use the Transpose operator. Maybe you want to convert your dates into Nominals first.

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    mikedmiked Member Posts: 21 Contributor II
    Hi Martin - Yes - I would like to use the Sales_Month as a column name and then perform some calcs that are month specific....Then de-pivot the data back together in stacked from. I will give your sugggestion a try thank you. 

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