Detect an event of Bid Rigging in a dataset, using Auto Model

Ric1Ric1 Member Posts: 3 Newbie
Hi, I would do a Bid Rigging analysis with RapidMiner, using Auto Model.
I am not an expert, so I need support from all of you.

So, in your opinion to find some bid rigging action in my dataset, what type of analysis do I have to do: Predict, Cluster or Outliners?

For example, if my dataset is form by these attributes:

Lot ID (type string of number),
Lot Name (type string),
Participant Company Name (type string),
Participant Result (string with 2 possible value: winner / loser),
Award Date (date);

what attribute do you choose for a Bid Rigging analysis, using Auto Model?

What is the best attribute for the Predict section, to find an eventual event of Bid Rigging in the dataset?

So what would you do in my shoes?
Thank you so much for the future answers.

Best regards.
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