RapidMiner Home Assignment - seeking for guidance

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Guys <3

In my Data Analytica course at my uni we were asked to find a dataset, find some "problem" or something to analyze in it with the help of RapidMiner. I watched almost all the Beginner Tutorials at RapidMiner Academy, but its still sooo unclear:( I found a nice data about World's happiness. It is listing the countries (from happiest descending) and also the indicators which contributed/ or not to people's happiness. Can someone maybe help me to come up with a "problem" or with an interesting question to analyze with the help of RapidMiner? Thank you so so much.


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    ceaperezceaperez Member Posts: 527 Unicorn
    Hi @Lilina96,
    please check kaggle community, they have a lot of datasets and challengees. 

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