Selecting attributes and renaming them dynamically using mapping in Excel file

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Hi RM Family, hope everyone is doing safe!

Not sure if its possible but we are trying to automate a QC process wherein we need to dynamically select attributes and rename them with respect to a mapping file. I am trying to avoid creating different QC process for each report.

PFAttached below screenshot for your reference. Highlighted in Yellow are the columns that needs to be selected, while highlighted in Orange is to be renamed. We need to select these in a loop for each KPI Name(Column 1)Also Please find attached process developed till now, everything is dynamic except selecting attributes and renaming them as per mapping file above. Looking forward to hearing from you all. :smile:


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    Hi @achint_kumar you could use a loop attributes that include the columns you need to change and with some macros and an example set with the excel file you could filter, gather the name and put it on a rename operator passing the macro of the loop attribute and the macro with the new name.

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