How to display this standard deviation measurements list within a Twitter Sentiment Analysis?

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Dear community,

currently, we are trying to build a Twitter Sentiment Analysis via Rapid Miner and we would like to display information regarding each attribute's standard deviation (in this case, attributes appear in the form of word vectors or n-gram combination of word vectors).

Within a previous project (spam classification), we somehow managed to display the, however we can't find the option anymore to show it like this one here in the results section:

Is there any operator or setting we might have forgotten to utilise? We've been trying for hours to fix it, yet in the results section, the option to display attribute data with the standard deviation measures like above can't simply be found anymore.

Thanks a lot and Best Regards! :)

P.S.: Currently, our process looks like this:


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    kevkokevko Member Posts: 2 Newbie
    Thread can be closed, we found the solutions: adding a line between the apply model operator (mod) and resource output (res) on the right side.
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