Operator for values subtraction ?

sharkisharki Member Posts: 8 Contributor II
Hi guys, i would like to find a operator, which could generate  subtraction value. For example i have following values in a row like:
10  5  2  1
and would like to generate a subtraction value from thoses values like (10-5-2-1=2). I could find a operator (Generate Aggregation), which do someting similar but it can only make sum and so on. This operator dont have the substraction mode. May you can help me? thank you!

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    atimmatimm Employee, Member Posts: 24 RM Engineering
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    you probably want to have a look at the operator "Generate Attributes", you can do all kinds of operations with the attributes there.


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    sharkisharki Member Posts: 8 Contributor II
    thank you Adreas for your quick help! I could get the the task done with your recommended operator. Awesome!
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