How To And Why Use A Tracing Wheel in Sewing

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How To And Why Use A Tracing Wheel in Sewing

In sewing, you can see a number of tools that are a kind of blessing for the sewer and for everyone who wants to simplify the work at the time of being in a working space. One of the most amazing gadgets in the sewing world got introduced named as tracing wheel. This small tool was created in order to transfer the patterns from one fabric to another.

Many people around you at the time of sewing fabric at aimagegood sewing machine for beginners think that spikes of the tracing wheel are going to mess up the appearance of the fabric. I recommend everyone to use this tracing wheel once and it will make your pattern work much easier. Today in this blog I am going to tell you how to use the tracing wheel and why you should use it.

For the Pattern Protection:

In some cases, you can see how your vintage patterns are fading over time or you may think that nobody can actually make such things around you. Now the question is how you can make it safe from getting vanished and how you can use it further in the fabric? With the help of the tracing wheel, you can transfer the design of the pattern to the other fabric or paper.

In some ways, if you are feeling like that pattern protection is important and someday you would like to copy the same pattern on the other fabric then go for the tracing wheel. Start tracing the whole pattern on the fabric and then transfer it to the paper. Keep that paper in your catalogs and after years you will be able to find the tracing pattern of the vintage fabric.

Cutting Mat:

As you know tracing wheel is quite spiky in nature and to protect you need to place the cutting mat first on the table. You don’t have to apply the tracing wheel directly on the fabric as it can damage the thread and appearance. You need to turn the fabric to the wrong side and the carbon side down. Now keep the tracing paper on the fabric and start using the wheel.

If you have an old fabric that is about to tear apart then you don’t have to take any precautions as it will destroy. Focus on the pattern lines and trace accurately. It will help you in creating a new piece of the same pattern.

Push with Pins:

Using pins is just not about the sewing but it’s related to the tracing wheel as well. To make the work easy and to keep the focus on the pattern, keep the carbon on the fabric and then gently use the pins on the top. Push the pins gently into the fabric and make sure the paper has enough space to trace the lines. With the light, pressure starts pressing the wheel on the fabric.

When you are pressing the tracing wheel against the fabric then make sure you are not putting too much pressure which can **** the table. I advise you to start using the tracing wheel first on some rough patterns. In this way, you will get a complete picture of how to use it in a delicate manner and how you can make it till the end.

Align the Grainline:

In the beginning, while you are about to sew the traced pattern on the best sewing machine for beginners, every sewer needs to take care of the alignment. If the alignment of the carbon and grainline is not up to the mark then at the time of sewing you will get an improper texture and the whole thing will turn out to be a big mess.

When you are about to start the tracing, make sure that carbon is aligned with the grainline and save your work from any kind of mishap. You can also put some weights on the sides of the fabric to stick the carbon and to get a clear view of the whole work. Choose the kind of carbon paper through which you can witness the lines of the fabric. You can also watch this video on theimagebest starter sewing machine for guidance on how to find the best sewing machine for beginners.

Use the Stationary:

When you are tracing something on the fabric and once you have fine lines around the garment, now the next thing you can do to make it permanent is to use the chalk or ink over it. I did this once when I wanted to save the pattern of my grandmother’s gown and that’s what I did to the pattern. That pattern is still in my old home totally saved.

I made an outfit out of that pattern and it feels special to sew something out of the extraordinary. In the same way when you are tracing the pattern from some vintage fabric to the carbon or when you are transferring the pattern to some other fabric and you are scared that soon it will be vanished then use some stationary over it. This stationery will help you in keeping the pattern alive for the longest time.

I don’t recommend the permanent ink but I would like to advise using the chalk or some pen so you can also check the original traced lines of the pattern.


Tracing patterns is going to help you a lot in creating lots of old patterns with new fabric and it will make the process much easier. You can impress the people around you by recreating the whole pattern of the vintage garment. It will be much easier for you to create the bags or home décor items in the same pattern as they don’t need any kind of fittings like a garment.

For any kind of stitching, the sewing machine must be good enough as well as cleaned. If you need a complete guide about the sewing machine you must read How To Buy The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners Making Clothes Tips And Reviews . Even as a beginner it’s important to always read something new and keep moving forward.


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