Operator Toolbox Version 2.10 released

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Hi everyone,
just a quick note that we released a new version of Operator Toolbox today. Here is the changelog:

Version 2.10.0 (2021-04-30) New Operator: Isolation Forest Tree Learner for anomaly detection. New Operator: Select by Weights (Multi) This operator combines the Weights by ... operators and the Select by Weights operators into a single more convenient operator. The new operator also supports example weights for the computation of the attribute weights. Enhancements Tukey Test operator now has an option to ignore missing values. The color and icons of all outlier operators are changed to indicate for the modelling aspect of this types of operators The scoring of LDA Models (trained by Extract Topics from Data (LDA) and Extract Topics from Documents (LDA)) was adapted, so that there aren't any differences between scoring in the training or the application of the models. Results of LDA can differ on an insignificant level to previous versions Updated the dependency to the RM Text extension from 7.4.1 to 9.3.1 Internal refactoring of the code base



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