How to transfer and load rmhdf5table?

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Hi dears
I usually find ".ioo" files in windows explorer and copy them to transfer to another computer and copy the file into the destination RapidMiner folder. Then I refresh the RapidMiner repository and I can see my file and use it again. This procedure doesn't work for ".rmhdf5table". It seems the refresh command on a folder in the repository, doesn't reload the ".rmhdf5table" files list. Now I want to know what is the best approach to transfer data from a computer to another in RapidMiner that keeps all settings like roles, metadata, and so on?
And, please add the above scenario to your new version that can list ".rmhdf5table" files, too.

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    can you please ensure that on your second computer your RapidMiner version is at least 9.7 and that the repository your copying into is not marked as (Legacy)? In case it is marked as (Legacy), create a new repository which should then be marked (Local), and place your .rmhdf5table file in there. From there you can also copy into legacy repositories, but we recommend to get rid of legacy repositories by copying everything to a new repository via the RapidMiner GUI.
    Hope that helps!
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    Hi @SabaRG,
    you can see it in the display like this:


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    Dear @gmeier
    Yes, I am using RapidMiner 9.9.
    How can I check the repository mark that is legacy or not? I create it in RM9.9 and the destination computer has RM9.9, too, and both sides are using Local Repository.
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    Dear @gmeier
    Both repositories are (Local). I check it now on the same computer and copy a .rmhdf5table file from a folder to another and refresh the repository and see the copied file. Maybe my problem was the legacy issue as you mentioned. Thanks for your help. I will check it later and if there were any problem, I will share here again.
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