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As part of a project with RapidMiner, I have to do a classification in order to figure out to whose parents we  should send an invite to vaccinate their children against the COVID.  We received database with different information on approximately 12,000 children and  they ask us to build a model that would perform adequately on the data of this previous test.

 We consider that all the children of the dataset have received an invite to get vaccinated but only the ones for which the value of the variable “P UTDH1N 1” is “UTD” (for up-to-date) have actually responded the invite. Those are the ones you want to target as well because we consider the other will not respond, even if invited. 

Thus, we would ask if you have an idea how to proceed in order to create an adequate and efficient model  to target parents who are susceptible to ask to the invitation  ? 
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