How to export the result as a csv file when you run a process in AI Hub?

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I am using Rapidminer AI Hub to schedule and monitor a process. Inside the process I am using a store operator which saves the final result. Since, the process is updating daily I want the final result as a csv format from the process. My question is, how can I get a CSV file as an output which gives me the final result when I run the process in AI Hub? 

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  • kaymankayman Member Posts: 662 Unicorn
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    If your server is running on a different pc, you can only achieve this if you share a network folder between your local pc and the AI hub. Any other solution requires AI hub to put the csv file on a virtual/cloud folder (like dropbox or so), and access s it there from your local pc. 


  • kaymankayman Member Posts: 662 Unicorn
    The AI hub would store the csv on it's local storage, so it's just a question of setting up a shared folder / network folder on your AI hub that you can access from your local studio.

    Or you save the csv on a cloud folder (dropbox, S3, ftp, whatever) so you can access it that way from wherever you want. 
  • tahsintahsin Member Posts: 20 Contributor II
    @kayman thanks for your reply. I am trying save the csv file to my local pc. Is there any way I can save it to a designated folder after it runs every time? 

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