How to use secure shell (ssh) in Rapidminer

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Hi all,
We are trying to run shell scripts remotely through Rapidminer but could not find a solution yet. Has anybody experience with that?
The setting: Our RM machine is in the same network like the target machine (in our case its a database server running on linux). The target machine has ssh enabled due we use ssh today outside of RM (ssh from linux and PuTTY from Windows) to run scripts on the database server. Now we want to run the scripts from RM workflow. We couldnt find any operator that cares about ssh connection and running commands. The only workaround we found is to write a batch program (RM runs on Windows) and then run this program unsing the Execute Program operator. Talend for example explicity has the tSSH operator for that scenario. I was wondering if RM has something similar but couldnt find any yet. Thx for help. 


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    Hi @vkirstein,

    no, RapidMiner doesn't have a separate SSH operator. Writing batch or shell scripts is a good way to do this.

    Usually you can also just execute "ssh server command-to-execute" directly with Execute Program.
    You could also create a custom operator with the Custom Operator extension that takes the parameters "server" and "command", checks for the operating systems and sets up the command (ssh or PuTTY for example) according to the configuration on your machines.

    And the Operator Toolbox extension has Read SFTP and Write SFTP for accessing files on servers over the SSH protocol.

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