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VeronikaVeronika Member Posts: 3 Newbie
Hi there,

for an assignment we need to upload the data shown in the attached picture. Do you know how I can upload the data into rapid minder to combine and process them?

Thanks! Regards,

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    kaymankayman Member Posts: 662 Unicorn
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    With the loop files operator you can iterate through your folder and load the files one by one and then combine or handle them separately in Rapidminer.

    With the open file operator you can select a single one.

    These will load them as files by default (binary format). if you want to do something with it you need to tell rapidminer which format it is. If it's delimited content (csv format) you can use the read csv operator instead of the open file operator. If it's unstructured text format you will need to use the read document operator (part of the text processing extension).
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