"Weighted SVM"

m_r_nourm_r_nour Member Posts: 35 Maven
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Weighted SVM is an excellent classifier to deal with unbalanced data.

Do you have any idea , how we can use it in RM?



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    RalfKlinkenbergRalfKlinkenberg Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, RMResearcher, Member, Unconfirmed, University Professor Posts: 68 RM Founder
    RapidMiner provides several SVM implementations (RapidMiner operators JMySVM, LibSVM, EvoSVM, PsoSVM, ...) and several ways to use weights and/or cost factors:
    • JMySVM supports class weights for two class problems.
    • MetaCost can be used to assign different misclassification costs (weights) to different classes.
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    m_r_nourm_r_nour Member Posts: 35 Maven
    thank you

    but I do not know how to use Libsvm and moreover how to use meta cost  to tune parameters of Libsvm
    ratio  of no. of data in my dataset are:
    no of sample 3120 and number of features :57

    I'd be appreciate if you help me to deal with this problem

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