What is the proper way to change the RapidMiner domain name / URL when using the AWS AMI

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We use the RapidMiner AI Hub (BYOL) AMI in the AWS Marketplace to create a RapidMiner server and we would like to be able to change the domain name / URL for the RapidMiner server.  We have created a custom domain name and registered it to an AWS Load Balancer that connects to a target group with the RapidMiner server that we have created.  Whenever we try to go to the domain name / URL that we have assigned we get the following error in the browser:

We are sorry...

Invalid parameter: redirect_uri

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It also redirects to the dns name of the ec2 instance that AWS has assigned to the instance instead of staying at the domain name / URL that we setup for it.  Could someone help with what specific settings we need to change within the RapidMiner server that was built with the RapidMiner AI Hub (BYOL) AMI?


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    Sharan_GadiSharan_Gadi Administrator, Moderator, Employee, Member Posts: 6 RM Team Member
    Hello Stephend, since you are using our AWS cloud image / AMI you have an option to log into the Deployment Manager to modify the configuration files. Please perform following steps:

    > Log into our Deployment Manager on port 5080 : http://hostname:5080

    > Modify the following parameters in .env from DNS entry of ec2 instance to the Domain Name you would like to use.
    # Public domain of the deployment
    # Public URL of the deployment that will be used for external access (Public domain + protocol + port)
    # Public URL of the SSO endpoint that will be used for external access. In most cases it should be the same as the PUBLIC_URL
    > Apply changes and restart the instance.

    Hope this helps. If you have any questions please reach out to us at support@rapidminer.com


    Sharan Gadi.

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    stephendstephend Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
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    Hi @Sharan_Gadi , whenever I try to make changes on the deployment page to change the .env file and then click "Apply configuration", I get an error stating "Invalid configuration".  Even if I don't change anything and click "Apply configuration", I get the same error.  Would you know why this occurs?
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