Sliding Window Validation Operator converts binominal label to nominal label

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I was using sliding window validation (SWV) operator for a time series data with binary label. I guess after updating to 9.10 SWV starts to convert binominal type label to nominal type. The problem is binominal  performance operator does not work on nominal label and the whole process becomes useless. Could you please examine the xml code I shared. Thanks.

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    I would like to provide information for those who have the same problem as me. The old sliding window validation operator under the Value series extension does not make this mistake. It doesn't have some features compared to the new one, but it works.
    A side note: RapidMiner doesn't seem to be as popular as it used to be, given the level of activity on the forum.


  • suleymansahalsuleymansahal Member Posts: 27 Contributor II
    I have tried nominol to binominal operator. It does not always work, because the test data might not include two of the binominal values. nominal to binominal operator imputes with true/false values if it does not catch internal mapping of binominal values. Then, performance operator fails again.
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