Reading excel file written by Rapidminer in Pandas Dataframe

xutfe3937xutfe3937 Member Posts: 4 Learner I

I have a process in RM that writes some data into excel using "Write Excel" operator, and the file format is .xlsx

This excel file is to be read in a Python script for which I use pandas library, but the excel file is read as an empty dataframe within the script. It can only read the first column name in the excel file, but the other columns and all the data could not be read. I have attached a screenshot with this question.

However, when I open and save the excel file manually, and then try to read the same excel file in my script, it is able to read all the columns and data.

Is there a way in RM to write the data into excel so it can be read in Python script without the need to open and save the excel file manually.
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