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Problems in applying Optimize Parameter for SVM

anmsanms Member Posts: 9 Newbie

I need some help to solve this problem. I am developing SVM and applying the optimize parameter (grid) operator with split validation in order to find the best combination of parameters (Fig. 1). So, I create threshold for these parameters: min & max value, c, kernel type (Fig. 2).

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

However, these messages keep coming out, making me unable to apply the parameter optimization (Fig. 3 & 4). I don't understand what does it mean by the messages & unable to figure out how to solve it. When I clicked "Help me to solve the problem" button, RapidMiner do provide suggestions (Fig. 4) by suggesting (Fig. 5):
1. Insert Apply Model operator to add predictions; or
2. Select an attribute whose role should be changed to prediction

I choose solution no. 2, so the circled operators in Fig. 4 appear when I accept the solutions provided by RapidMiner.
Set Role (5): DMP Status with target role as "prediction"
Set Role (5): DMP Status with target role as "regular"

However, I still could not run the whole process.

For your information, my label attribute is DMP status which has 2 classes (binomial): full settlement AND terminated class.
The DMP status attribute is the attribute to be used for making prediction/classifying the instances into either full settlement or terminated class.

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Fig. 5

Appreciate the experts in RapidMiner community could help and guide me. Thank you.


  • lionelderkrikorlionelderkrikor Moderator, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member Posts: 1,190   Unicorn
    Hi @anms,

    In order to understand what is going on, can you provide your process and your dataset ?


  • anmsanms Member Posts: 9 Newbie
    edited November 11
    Hi Lionel,

    Are you able to open this process file?
    Sorry, I tried to upload the dataset as well, but it doesn't go through..perhaps you can look at the process first.

    Many thanks,

  • lionelderkrikorlionelderkrikor Moderator, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member Posts: 1,190   Unicorn

    Please check the description of your label in the Statistic view(set a breakppoint after the Set Role operator). (the Set Role in the main window).
    Please remove the 2 Set Role operators inside the Split Validation operator...

    PS : I'm not able to import your process, please share the XML process.


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