What I should set as x,y,z after I have done clustering process?

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Hello! I'm very new for studying data sci. My teacher order me to do this project. This project is about text analytics which I did about Hotel review which rating score from 1-5 star. Also, teascher order to use SVD to make cluster is better. I have done the process like this

and got the result like this

, but I don't know what I have to set as x,y,z   the example of graph that teacher gave me is like this

Please help me out. I'm studying online by just watching recorded videos from website. I don't have anyone to ask any question. I tried to find the solution for weeks.  Thank you

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    i think you want to set the SVD to keep 3 components, not one. And then put those 3 on the axis'.

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    @mschmitz Thank you very much  <3
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