HELP! How can I Extract the prob number from the significance test result of anovatest operater?

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      Hey guys! I use loop operator and grouped anovatest operator to conduct a series of anova test, after that I want to extract the number of Prob to further process. But I cannot do that because all operators I used cannot process the significance test result but only example set. And I failed to transform the type of document.  What can I do?

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    Hi @AidenLiang

    you can perform the same analysis using Anova Matrix operator instead the Grouped Anova operator, selecting the right numerical and nominal attributes. Then you can use the Matrix to example Operator to convert the results to a exampleset.

    please find attached and simple example compared results. 


  • AidenLiangAidenLiang Member Posts: 2 Newbie
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    Exactly! the operator in converters package can perfectly slove my problem! Thank you!
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