Keras Samples: iris-classification, s&p-500-regression got bugs

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(I just checked all my extensions are up-to-date), under Keras Samples, the process of both "iris-classification", and "s&p-500-regression" couldn't be excused, the pop up error information is like this:

Btw, I'm learning how to use keras model to predict a binary classification problem. I watched this tutorial ""An Introduction to Deep Learning with RapidMiner - RapidMiner" (quite easy to google it) and it explained this two samples ( "iris-classification", and "s&p-500-regression").

However, following the the process of sample "iris-classification, I created a similar one and got the same error information pop up.
How can I create a right process of Keras Model?

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    Hi @cindyliu_au,

    The keras extension is no longer supported and it's very dependent of python and packages versions. Rapidminer has their own supported version of Deeplearning with many new functions and continuos updates. Neverthless, If you want to work with keras into rapidminer I recommend you to use the python scripting extension.


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