UI error in RapidMiner

DiyarJDiyarJ Member Posts: 4 Newbie
edited February 2022 in Help
Hello RapidMiner community, I have faced a graphical (UI) issue when working a bit in RapidMiner, the problem is that whenever I do some tasks on RapidMiner, it shows the below like interface:

and it just gets worse anytime I hover the mouse over something within the UI, however, I tried to disable the graphic card, and re-enable it again, or even uninstall,  and then re-installing it to see if there's an issue with my graphic card driver, but with no luck at all, although the other programs, including games, videos work well with no such issues at all.  I would like to add that before facing this problem, I have seen a pop-up saying that Java could not be run, but I've just ignored it and continue with my work.


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