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ProfConnieProfConnie Member Posts: 3 Newbie

I am a data analytics instructor and use RapidMiner as one of the tools in the class. I have provided the students with a .csv file that imports fine for me and every student except one. (of course...lol) When she imports the data RapidMiner does not format it into columns. It leaves the data looking like a .csv with all of the semicolons and quotation marks in the data. She has shared her screen with me and I have watched her walk through the import on her PC. She doesn't do anything different than when I do it, but for me it works correctly.

Any ideas on why this might be happening? She has header row checked and set as 1, semicolon selected as the column separator, and use quotes checked.

Thank you!


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    ceaperezceaperez Member Posts: 525 Unicorn
    Hi @ProfConnie,

    Have you tried to use the import configuration wizard from the read csv operator?
    If you have problems with the file, another solution is to open the file with excel application or other similar and then save it as csv again. 

    Hope this can help you



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