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I received this assignment from my professor. I have a meeting scheduled with him tomorrow. I reviewed his video but I can't understand it and the screen showing me what to do is blurry. Here are the instructions I was given. Is someone able to refer me to a good resource for help?

Use RapidMiner to generate the following plots.

  • Figure 3.5 Histogram
  • Figure 3.6 Class-stratified Histogram
  • Figure 3.7 Quartile Plot of Iris Data Set
  • Figure 3.8 Class-Stratified Quartile Plot for Petal Length
  • Figure 3.9 Distribution Chart of Petal Length
  • Figure 3.10 Scatterplot
  • Figure 3.11 Scatter Multiple
  • Figure 3.11 Scatter Multiple Scatter Matrix
  • Figure 3.10 Bubble Chart
  • Figure 3.11 Density Chart
  • Figure 3.12 Parallel Chart
  • Figure 3.13 Deviation Chart
  • Figure 3.17 Andrews Curves


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