Discovering Which Attributes affect the label attributes

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Hello everyone,

This is my first question in the community, So basically I am working on a project where I have an excel sheet, it's about a manufacturing process where I have the staus of the product being manufactured Fail/Pass/incomplete, so I have the result I just want to know which attribute at different measurements affect the label attribute (status) the most? I was thinking about using Decision Trees since I can follow the how each attribute measurement affect the result in question.

Example : Different attributes as Temperature, Pressure, Duration, I want to know if these attributes affect the end result (the end result), and if so at which  degree°C or pressure p, will a product fail(be defective) or pass.

So basically I don't really have to predict anything I just need to find out if there is a causation between the different attributes and measurements. What would be good operators, or good algorithms to use?

Any help is appreciated and thanks :)

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