Automodel Select Inputs comes back blank after initial run

rtbarberrtbarber Member, University Professor Posts: 8 University Professor
Rapidminer 9.10
Platform: MacOS Monterey 12.4, M1 chip

I am exploring a new data set and decided to use automodel to get started.  The issue is that there are several fields in the data set that are highly correlated with the outcome variable that I want to predict (including a categorical version and a continuous version of basically the same thing).  Clearly, I need to remove those before the model is run.

The first time I run through, everything works fine.  However, if I use the BACK option to change which attributes to include, all I get is a blank "Select Inputs" step with the word "Done!" in the middle of the page.  I have to exit and restart Rapidminer to get back to the Select Inputs.

Any ideas?  I'm not sure how to share what I am seeing other than boring screenshots

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