My romantic idea of a House Price Prediction

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Hello Community,

I have already searched the forum for similar problems, but unfortunately could not find a suitable answer to my problem. 
I want to predict an average purchase price per lot area for each location from a House Prediction data set.
My data is cleaned and I have no missing values etc., but "price per lot" is my label and the locations are given only as names. Most learners can't see a pattern for this mix of nominal and numerical elements and the "nominal to numerical" operator then gives me a numerical figure for each location, but how do I know which location is behind it in the end? 
I hope I could make my problem understandable and someone can help me to find my last puzzle piece.

Thank you!


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    so you only give it the name and from the name it should learn the price? What should it do more than using an average?


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