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I'm new to RapidMiner so bear with me :) 

I'm trying to do a rather simple process in which I use de-pivot  (aka "melt") an example set and then use the result example set in a join operation.

The de-pivot works exactly as I'd expected but the follow up join does not find the newly created column which I'd like to use as key attribute.

My input example set is a list of transactions (see attached transactions.csv)

The purchase_1 to purchase_1 represent the product_id

I have a separate list of  products (see attached products.csv)

The depivot is configured as so:

and yeilds exactly what I'd expect and creates a new product_id row:

However, when I try to input the result of this unpivot to the join operation, I'm getting a warning about the product_uid missing in the de-pivot output.

When I execute the process, the join seems to work 

Shall I just disregard this warning message?

For reference, in attachment is the entire process



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    jancjanc Member Posts: 2 Newbie
    Actually there seem to be an issue when I want to use the result of the join from that de-pivoting It seem like the join does not output does not include anything from the product table:. Here you can see that the price attribute is not displayed. I also cannot reference it in any of the subsequent operation

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