"Testing python installataion" runs forever

c_cheec_chee Member Posts: 18 Maven
Trying to configure Python to be used inside Rapid Miner.
However, after specifying the relevant Python path, and click Test, there is a progress bar showing "Testing Python Installation".
This bar reaches a certain pint, in this case almost 100%, but after that it just continues and never ends.

How can we solve this?



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    c_cheec_chee Member Posts: 18 Maven
    Ok, not sure what happened, but after trying a few times, with the same results above, when away and do other things.
    When I returned, message is still there, but a separate pop box showing it has found libraries. So it's OK now.

    Also the Conda option did not work with my local Miniconda.
    Had to choose 3rd option "Specific python libraries", and gave Miniconda python path with python.exe at the end. 
    That worked!
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