Is it still possible to use the Aylien component for sentiment analysis on rapidminer?

xiaohexiaohe Member Posts: 1 Newbie
Hello, everyone, I am a Chinese student. Due to the needs of the course, I have to learn rapidminer➕Aylien by myself to complete sentiment analysis. My English is not VERY good, these sentences are translated by the translation software, so if there is any improper expression, please understand.

My question is: How do I establish a connection to Aylien within rapidminer? Now can I still use Aylien?

I've downloaded it from the Aylien website, but it seems I still need to connect to it in rapidminer, as shown below:

"No suggestions found" is displayed

If I create a connection, how do I fill in the following?

I don't have any foundation about data mining analysis software and related disciplines before, so now I feel very troubled. I hope to get your help. Thank you in advance!
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