Read CSV operator cannot work with Set Roles operator

c_cheec_chee Member Posts: 18 Maven
Is it expected or normal behaviour (ie not a bug) that "Read CSV operator cannot work with Set Roles operator".

When the Read CSV operator is configure to read from an actual CSV file, and the Run button is clicked the dataset can be seen. There is no problem for Rapid Miner to interpret and display the data in the Results tab.

Then when the Read CSV is connected to the Set Roles, there is an Exclamation Mark. In the Set Roles configuration, the Attributes drop-down has NOTHING. It does not list any attributes.
Hover the mouse over the Read CSV output port, shows that there is NO ATTRIBUTES being listed.

The same dataset works fine when "Import Data" is performed, saved onto the repository, then dragged onto the process screen to be used.

Is Read CSV intended to NOT have attributes being output?



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    MarcoBarradasMarcoBarradas Administrator, Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member Posts: 272 Unicorn
    HI @c_chee,

    This might be an issue with the meta data propagation.
    Quick fixes will be:
    • Go to Procss/Synchonize Metadata with Real Data and enable that and do a quick validation of the process with the option on the same menu.
    • Execute the whole process once and the Set Role operator will read the metada of you csv.

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    c_cheec_chee Member Posts: 18 Maven
    Hi Marcos,

    Thanks very much, that helped.
    Between clicking "Synchronize Metadata with Real Data", "Validate Process", "Run" a few rounds, then it worked.

    Hopefully this bug can be fixed in the next version....

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