Loop +Aggregate; color to a column

Teja_VaranasiTeja_Varanasi Member Posts: 17 Contributor II
Hi, I have say S.No, Required, A, B, C, D, E....  2 columns are surely present (S.No, Required) and others are unknown. But at least 1 will be there.(S.No, Required, A). What I want is to multiply Quantity* A, Quantity*B,Quantity*c like that.. with all the columns except S.No. later want to add all the values => sum(Quantity*A),sum(Quantity*B).. finding the min of those sums and represent the min col in green color

what i am trying to do:

loop => dynamically generate attribute for Quantity* A, Quantity*B,Quantity*c ; want to aggregate only the generated columns in inside the loop.. as the number of columns are unknown. Unable to do this. Can somebody please suggest what to do.

Correct me if i am wrong.
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