Why are DBI using Local Random Seed and Determined Good Start Value same in K-Means

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Hi, i'm working on text clustering using K-Means and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD). And i'm using parameter Local Random Seed and Determined Good Start Value to show the different. But the DBI value generated using Local Random Seed is always the same as Determine Good Start Value even though I have tried to enter a random number. Can anyone explain this?


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    can you provide an example process here?
    I think the reason can be two fold. Either a bug, or simply that the algorithm converges nicely to exactly the same means no matter where you start. I mean, thats what you ideally want anyhow.

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    anindyaranianindyarani Member Posts: 3 Newbie
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    the design process and the setting parameter (k-Means

    parameter SVD

    so i'm doing an algorithm comparison between K-Means and K-Means &SVD, I'm also doing variations on the Determine Good Start Value and Local Random Seed sections. So later I will compare a total of 4 algorithms with different parameter settings.
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