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I have just started to use rapidminer in my PhD I believed, it is a powerful tool but also I have had my first "big problem"

I want to use SVM and I need to import the data but I have some problems with the labels of this data

[tt]Learning methods require the input example sets to have at least one attribute. If this not the case, applying these operators is pointless. Certain operators like feature selection operators may switch off all attributes. If this happens, learning schemes cannot be applied.[/tt]

I followed this thread http://rapid-i.com/rapidforum/index.php?action=printpage;topic=105.0, But I can not solve the problem

This is my code
<operator name="Root" class="Process" expanded="yes">
    <parameter key="logfile" value="D:\Tesis\Pruebas\Prueba1_SVM.log"/>
    <parameter key="resultfile" value="D:\Tesis\Pruebas\Fichero_resultados_1.res"/>
    <operator name="CSVExampleSource" class="CSVExampleSource">
        <parameter key="filename" value="D:\Tesis\Pruebas\autovalores4.csv"/>
        <parameter key="label_name" value="autovalores1"/>
    <operator name="ChangeAttributeRole" class="ChangeAttributeRole">
        <parameter key="name" value="Autovalores1"/>
        <parameter key="target_role" value="label"/>
    <operator name="CSVExampleSource (2)" class="CSVExampleSource">
        <parameter key="filename" value="D:\Tesis\Pruebas\autovalores5.csv"/>
        <parameter key="label_name" value="Autovalores2"/>
    <operator name="ChangeAttributeRole (2)" class="ChangeAttributeRole">
        <parameter key="name" value="Autovalores2"/>
        <parameter key="target_role" value="label"/>
    <operator name="SimpleValidation" class="SimpleValidation" expanded="yes">
        <operator name="PsoSVM" class="PsoSVM">
        <operator name="OperatorChain" class="OperatorChain" expanded="yes">
            <operator name="ModelApplier" class="ModelApplier">
                <list key="application_parameters">
            <operator name="Performance" class="Performance">

Thank you in advance


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    haddockhaddock Member Posts: 849 Maven
    Hi there,

    How many columns of data do you have in "D:\Tesis\Pruebas\autovalores5.csv"?
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    landland RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 2,531 Unicorn
    one obvious thing and potential problem in your process is as follows:
    You are loading two different example sets in your process. The SVM will work on only one example set and that is the last you loaded. If you want to train on both sets, you will have to merge them.

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