Altair® RapidMiner® Studio 10.1 and Altair RapidMiner Hub 10.1 now available!

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Altair RapidMiner Studio 10.1 and Altair RapidMiner Hub 10.1 are now available to all licensed users, and we recommend that all customer organizations plan their upgrades now.  


Click here to read the release notes and other documentation for RapidMiner Studio — and here for documentation on RapidMiner AI Hub. Please contact our support team here if you have any questions about the upgrade or need any technical assistance. 



Established Altair clients can now download and begin using Altair RapidMiner Studio and/or Altair RapidMiner AI Hub immediately using their pool of Altair Units. Clients new to Altair can purchase a pool of Altair Units that enables access to any of our other data analytics products in addition to Altair RapidMiner Studio and/or Altair RapidMiner AI Hub. 

  • Altair Units-based licensing for the RapidMiner platform. With this release, RapidMiner joins Altair’s suite of products available under Altair Units, further increasing the value of using Altair products for enterprise customers. 

  • RapidMiner Studio draws 20 Altair Units by default, allowing the software to use up to 8 logical CPU cores. For computers with more than 8 logical CPU cores, users can configure RapidMiner Studio to use more CPU cores and each additional logical CPU core (above 8 cores) will draw 5 additional Units. 

  • The RapidMiner Radoop extension adds push-down capabilities to RapidMiner Studio to execute ETL and ML workloads in Hadoop. It draws 10 additional Units in addition to the Units drawn by RapidMiner Studio. 

  • RapidMiner AI Hub, RapidMiner’s enterprise collaboration, computation, and deployment platform, draws 5 Units per CPU core. 


This short video explains how to use Altair Units licenses with Altair RapidMiner Studio:



RapidMiner Academy offers bite-sized learning along with curated courses and pathways, designed to match roles, knowledge domains, and skill levels. Everything in RapidMiner Academy is self-paced, and free — including our certification program. Check out the Get Started with RapidMiner and Machine Learning path for an introduction to RapidMiner Studio, as well as important data science concepts.  


We also host live, interactive training sessions about the Altair RapidMiner platform every month.  
Click here for details.   


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