Altair RapidMiner Cloud 2023.0 now available!

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Altair RapidMiner Cloud 2023.0 is now available to all licensed users, and we recommend that all customer organizations plan their upgrades now. This new release includes several important improvements to our automated machine learning (AutoML) functions, simplified governance controls, and more. 

You can access a complete set of documentation about Altair RapidMiner Cloud here. Also be sure to check out this Applications and Use Cases page for an introduction to important data science concepts.  

Improved AutoML Capabilities  

Our guided user experience enables people who are new to machine learning to find clusters of similar records automatically. Advanced users can save time developing sophisticated models that include cluster analysis. Non-expert users like data analysts and citizen data scientists can deploy and integrate ML models in seconds using the pre-configured deployment settings we include in the product. 


Auto-clustering: This is the latest advancement of the broader AutoML tools in Altair RapidMiner Cloud, including auto-machine learning, auto-feature engineering, and auto-forecasting. Many ML-related problems require models that can quickly identify hidden clusters of similar records within very large amounts of data. Users can pass the clustered information into the auto-machine learning tool for predictive modeling. It is easy to use for novices and improves productivity for advanced users. 


One-click deployment of AutoML models: We have simplified the operationalization of predictive models trained with AutoML as REST API endpoints. 


Simplified and Expanded Data Access 

Users can manage access to all data sources directly from within Altair RapidMiner Cloud.  

The software supports Amazon S3, Azure Blob, Azure Data Lake (both gen1 and gen2), Google Cloud Storage, popular SQL databases, including PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SAP Sybase, HyperSQL DataBase (HSQLDB), and Salesforce. Users can also leverage data connections within workflows, allowing machine learning models to read from and write data to respective data sources. 


Improved Workflow Scheduling 

Altair RapidMiner Cloud is more useful than ever in applications that require advanced levels of automation, including data engineering, ETL, ML model training or scoring, and more. 

You can now schedule workflows to run automatically at pre-defined times or at regular intervals using a simple dropdown menu or Cron expression. Users can also define in advance the computing resources to be allocated to their scheduled jobs.  


Shorter Learning Curve 

New users can come up to speed and begin doing productive work faster than ever before using our expanded in-product, contextual help. Users can access help relevant to the screen they are using with a single click in the top-level navigation bar. This builds on the other help capabilities provided in the product, including get started checklists and guided tours, an integrated e-learning portal, and embedded, searchable documentation. 


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    Hi everyone
    Exciting news! The release of Altair RapidMiner Cloud 2023.0 brings new possibilities for data analysis and machine learning. Looking forward to exploring its enhanced features and advancements in the field.

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