The input exampleset doesnt match the training exampleset

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I built a classification model. Before applying an algorithm to train the model, I used several operators to preprocess the data, including "Nominal to Text", "Replace Missing Values", "Process Documents from Data" (which includes tokenization, transform cases, stop word filtering, and filtering tokens by length), and then I used the "Set Role" operator. After that, I used the "Cross Validation" operator to evaluate the performance of the model, and then proceeded to train the model. Once the model training was completed, I retrieved a new dataset to be predicted by the trained classification model. However, an error occurred stating that "the input example set doesn't match the training example set". I'm seeking help on how to solve this issue. Here I also attached the process file and the data

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    The reason is you must share the WORDLIST between the training and the testing of the PROCESS DOCUMENTS FROM DATA operator. hth
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