Macbook Ventura 13.3 OS problems with java runtime environment + RM 9.10 operator toolbox extension

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Hi all, I would be very happy if someone could advice me. I am using a macbook with OS Ventura 13.3.1 and have to finish a RM project for the MIT No code ML course this weekend! I am completely stuck already because while I could download the RM extension manually by circumventing the appstore security (which is already absurd that I have to do this, I think), but the OS doesnt want to run it, saying there is no java runtime environment for it. Is it even possible to make this work - rapidminer studio in a educational version with extensions on ventura 13.3? should I really need to install a java virtual machine to do this? The MIT course wants us to use RM version 9.10. I would try to use a higher version, but it seems macbooks have problems with higher versions, too? Can anyone share experiences? Thank you so much in advance!


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    you should be able to download the Extension via Extensions → Marketplace in RapidMiner Studio.
    If not, can you share the error that you see?

    If you want to or have to install it manually:
    The Operator Toolbox Extension depends on the Text Extension, so you should also download this one.
    The extensions don't run standalone, you have to put them into ~/.RapidMiner/extensions

    To do this

    1) Press Command+Shift+G in a Finder window, paste ~/.RapidMiner/extensions into the "Go to the folder:" dialog and click on "Go"
    2) Copy / cut and paste the .jar files into the extension folder
    3) Start RapidMiner Studio


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