Gold Price prediction (Prediction or Forecast)

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Hello there, I am really new in RM and have been testing out datasets from which takes XAU/USD pairing as my dataset. The goal is to predict Gold Price prediction movement. In this case, several attributes are given which are


From this, any possible method to predict what is going to be the price for the next days based on Date alone? 

P.S. I tried ARIMA and it is giving me weird result as in "Change" was monotone in one value and keeps repeating in that single value.


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    Hi @Drata

    You have here an interesting paper about this topic.


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    hello @ceaperez thanks for the reply! wondering if you know a way to generate Price, Volume, and other Attributes (Other than Open because that is what we want to predict) for the upcoming days which is supposed to be unknown. If possible, all of these has to be based on trained dataset. Thanks in advance
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    Hi @Drata

    I don't work with that kind of datasets. The paper is just a guidance, you need to analyse and design your own process.

    Best regards,

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