Exporting the preprocessed text data into Excel File

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I really need your help. I have created a predictive model. The dataset I'm using contains several text attributes that were merged into one text attribute/column during the preprocessing phase. This preprocessing involved steps such as tokenization, stopword removal, token filtering, stemming, and generating n-grams. Could you please guide me on how to unmerged back all those text attributes and  into different columns as they were before? Additionally, I would like to export the data into an Excel file so that I can compare the original unprocessed text with the preprocessed text. Thank you for your assistance.


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    ruhailaruhaila Member Posts: 48 Guru

    Since there's no .rmp or data files included in your post, I am merely assuming that you could use the SELECT ATTRIBUTES operator to unmerge attributes. Exporting Excel has the WRITE EXCEL operator. hth.
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    Usually the easiest way for getting back the initial data is creating an ID (if you don't have one yet) and multiplying the dataset. Then you do your arbitrary preprocessing, keep the ID attribute, and then join back after the processing.

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