"Installing Rapidminer on Ubuntu 12.4"

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I am running Ubuntu 12.4. Trying to figure out what directory I should extract rapidminer to and any changes I need to make to ensure it runs. I am just knowledgeable on Linux to be dangerous, most of my installs are thru the package manager. Thanks!


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    You can install RapidMiner Studio to any folder you like (and have access to). You may use your home folder or install to /opt/RapidMiner, you are free to choose a location that fits your needs. The only thing you have to take care of is that Java 7 is installed (or Java 6 if you run RapidMiner 5.3). In order to start RapidMiner Studio you need to run RapidMiner-Studio.sh in your terminal. Please ensure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set. This can be done from the command line by invoking "export JAVA_HOME=YourJavaPath" or by editing your the .bashrc file in your home directory where you can enter the same command and have it executed whenever you open a bash terminal.
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