How to find similar / identical patterns for others

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Hello All,

I am new to RapidMiner. I would like to know that there are 'n' number of customers buying products from a store. Now there is one customer 'A' who never use to buys expensive products earlier, is now buying expensive products. Now, I would like to all those customers who falls under this pattern and customers who are not buying expensive products as of now, but may start buying expensive products (prediction).

Which algorithm / model can be used to find such pattern? Are they any examples available?

Thanks in advance,
Veeranna Ronad.


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    if you are really only interested in what you write, you can use an aggregation to determine the number of buys of expensive products in the two time periods respectively, and then use two example filters to filter out those who match the first condition (no expensive products in first period) and the second conditon (expensive products in the second period).

    If you are interested in a more general approach, detecting such patterns automatically, this is a non-trivial question I do not have a compact forum-compatible answer to. A related topic you may try searching for is "concept drift",

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    Hi Simon,

    Thank you very much for the reply. I will implement this.

    Veeranna Ronad.
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