"Using System DSNs to conect to a database"

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I'm trying to evaluate Rapid Miner, but I can't get it to connect to my database. We're using MS SQLServer over named pipes connections using Windows Integrated security. This meas I can't just ODBC into the database with a port number and username/password connection. Normally I use system DSNs to make ODBC connections, and this works just fine in MS Access or Excel. However, I can't figure out where in Rapid Miner to reference the DSN.

The article on the wiki seems to suggest it is possible, but basically tells me how to create a DSN (which I already know) and not how to see that DSN in RapidMiner. For example, what is the DatabaseExampleSource and how do I set it? The link has no information!


When I use the Manage Database Connections tab and the ODBC Bridge option it still asks for loads of information (port number, schema, username and password) all of which should not be required as they are defined in the DSN. Any help appreciated.


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    you can use the Read Database operator. If you choose url on the parameter define connection, you can enter an arbitrary connection string. Usually connecting to a DSN should work like this:
    jdbc:odbc:<DSN Name>
    Username and password should be the ones of your database account. And finally enter a querry or select a table name. If this does'nt work, please send me the exact error message. I will then see, what I can do for you.

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