RapidMiner seems to quit?

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Hi, searched for "crash" and didn't see this one ...

I installed RM5.0 on a laptop running WinXP Pro SP3 and I'm having a problem where, at some point during a wizard, RM will just quit. It seems similar to a problem someone else was having in Snow Leopard. I could be more specific if it would help. It just doesn't seem like a user error, although I haven't ruled that out :)

And a newbie question ... what's a good rule of thumb (# rows, for instance) for the maximum dataset size you'd want to use with RM on an average personal computer? Will RM sample for me if I need it to?

Off to look at tutorials ...


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    you will have to be more specific :) Otherwise I cannot say anything about this.

    If you are just looking for the maximal number of examples and attributes you can store, you might calculate it yourself: Every value is stored in 4 bytes if you don't change the defaults. So 1024 examples with 256 attributes will consume around 1 MB.
    But depending on the operators that you use, the memory consumption might be bigger, because some need to store a copy of the data set.

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