Rapid Miner Flagged as a serious secuity Risk - Norton

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Tried to install the software and got all sorts of flags.

The program was not installed. Norton reports it contains suspicious.cloud.7.F.

Is this software really loaded with this problem?



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    Hi Jerry,

    your doubts are not misleading. There is *NO VIRUS* or any other malware inside the RapidMiner Studio installation packages that you can download from our website. We assume that some of Norton's heuristics cause this issue. We have requested whitelisting for our products, but as it looks like Norton has not done it yet.

    You can install and run RapidMiner products without any risk for your computer.

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    My professor uses the product so I was really surprised when the message came up on my screen.

    Thank you.

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    FYI as if today (right now in fact) the package downloaded from your site is STILL being flagged and quarenteened on download.  Since I am teaching it tomorrow, this is a problem.  My students are unable to get it installed.  Can you please escalate with Nortan ASAP!!!!

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